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Freq Asked Qs

Check out the services we provide!

  • Domain Name Registration

Search for a unique domain name, or if you are unhappy with the selection, you can set up just the name you want attached to our host name (ex: hsiwebsites.com/yourname).

  • Webpage Styles

Pre-generated webpages in a variety of colors and styles helps you build a website quickly and easily. We provide a simple set of website tools that will generate a professional looking website in minutes.

  • Button/Image Navigation

Build multiple pages and user our built in button generator to navigate seamlessly from one to another. You can also add webpage navigation to images used throughout your website. Generate links to other related websites just as easily.

  • Image Libraries

Access to hundreds of business images from many different industries can be utilized on your website. These images are pre-compressed for quick browser loading so that your customers will not have to wait for images to see your website. Picture images help tell your company story and gives your website a polished, professional look.

  • Website Promotion

Select a list of your own Meta keywords to help point customers to your website. Simply select the keywords that will best help customers find your website, then have us submit your website for you to the top search engines.

  • Website Statistics

Know who visited your website. We can show you their IP addresses, what websites/search engines they came from, what pages they viewed while on your website, how long it took to render those pages and other useful system information such as browser type, monitor resolution, operating system, languages, countries, JavaScript usage and timezone. This can be expanded to demographic information such as gender, age group, education, income range and political orientation.

  • Email Services

Send and receive emails with a full function email service.

  • Comment Database/Email

Customers can leave questions, suggestions or other feedback. This can be collected to and maintained on a database for categorization and statistical reference or simply sent as an email to any existing email address you choose. If kept on a database, this information is maintained along with customer satisfaction information input by the customer at the same time with check boxes and selection buttons. This can then be statistically analyzed by the reporting function of our Survey and Polling application.

  • Survey and Polling Applications

You can implement a number of different customer satisfaction or information gathering surveys. Gather marketing information of all types using this useful tool. Marketing analysis can tell you what you are doing wrong and what you are doing right and can give you a significant sales edge over your competitors by knowing exactly what your customer wants. Results can be statistically analyzed by the reporting function of this service and provided to you in easy to read and understand graphs.

  • Contact Management

Build your own contact database. Use it to track your customers and make appointments. A reminder calendar is part of this facility as is a built in reporting function that enables you to search, sort and summarize your valuable information.

  • Shopping Cart System

Want to do your own e-business? Utilize our shopping cart system to catalog products and maintain basic inventory. Customers can order products directly from your website and pay for them through your own merchant account with built in credit card and check payment options.

  • Credit Card/Check Payment Processing

Use it with our shopping cart system or standalone to take payment for services rendered. Our credit card and check payment processing puts money quickly into your own merchant account.

  • Unlimited B2B and e-Commerce Applications

The sky’s the limit to what the web can be used for in terms of a company’s needs. From transaction processing to inventory control to forms processing for an HR department, the web can be used for these functions across a multi-layered franchise or a company headed for listing on NASDAQ. The web can be used to help you get there and keep you there. We have a full staff of onsite programmers and consultants that can provide any level of processing. Contact us for more information.

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